Public Access Tour

How do I use this system may you ask?

Firstly, you may be greeted by a screen that has two buttons, Log In and Roster. Roster opens the public roster which does not require any sort of log in. The second is, Log in. That will popup with a prompt asking for your email and password.

Getting Access

Hopefully you already have been given access. You will be able to know by if you got a registration email. If you have not, then contact a system administrator. Ensure you are checking your junk/spam folder. It may take upwards for 30 minutes for your email to be delivered, please be patient.
In the email you will be wonderfully greeted with your temporary password and a link to register. Both the link and temporary password are uniquely linked to your account and are highly sensitive. The temporary password expires after it's single use.
Going to the link you will need to input the given Temp Password and create a new password. Ensure that the user and email are correct before finalizing the information!
Swaggpuppy First Login
Congratulations, you now are officially inputted into the system.


The dashboard is your overview of the system and all of your information including hours and quick links. You can see your current month and all time statistics which are accurately tracked based off of your patrol logs. You can also view different Quick Links and Commendations
Typical Member Dashboard
Your patrol logs and reports can be made in the blue button labeled "+ Submit" in the upper right hand corner. From there, answer each question accordingly.

Patrol Activity Logs

When selecting a department for PALs (Patrol Activity Logs) ensure you are putting the correct department which the form needs to be sent towards. Same situation applies for reports. PALs are what keep track of your hours and ensuring to fill out each box is important. You will need to select a date and time.
If the button "Create" does not allow you to submit your form ensure you selected the date AND time for both the start and end.
PAL Form

Member Reports

Member reports are vital to ensuring the proper information gets to the proper authorities. Being as detailed as possible also helps during the investigation.
Ensure you are filing a report on members only, staff+ have access to such reports.
Member Report Form


Commendations are one of the best ways to ensure someone's hard work is noticed. Submitting a commendation lets the Chain of Command that a particular member went above and beyond. COC Members can choose to display a specific commendation on the Dashboard for everyone to see.
Commendation Form

Profile and Settings

Your profile allows you to see every statistic on you which is retained by our system. The ability to see your general data and disciplinary history is always a vital part to ensuring you are in a comfortable position.
You are able to see the details about your PALs (Patrol Activity Logs) and your DARs (Disciplinary Action Reports
In the upper left hand corner you are able to see other member's profiles, however you are not able to see other's PALs or DARs.
Anyone with the "Private Access" marker ticked under Member Settings can see everyone's complete data on these pages.
In the upper RIGHT hand coroner you can see a drop down arrow next to your name, clicking that will give you a few options, log out, and settings. Settings allows you to change your email, reset your passwords and how to log out of all session


Now for the real everyone is here and the obviously most important part of the system, the roster. The roster will show everyone's information, hours and logs. If there is a "-" next to the name then that means that individual is exempt from requirements and will therefore be marked active.
Status: New is if that individual has joined within the past 20 days, Active is where you should be, meeting your hours and log counts, Inactive means that you have not meet your requirements in 30 days.
You are able to view each department's roster by selecting the department in the upper left hand coroner.
Civilian Operations Roster
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