Viewable to whom has "Private Access"

Formal Complaints

After someone files a Member Report the complaints show up under Incoming Formal Complaints. Here you will be able to see basic information about the complaint and the option to send it Directly to a DAR (Disciplinary Action Report) or view it. Viewing it will allow you to delete a complaint or send it to a DAR.
After sending the complaint to a DAR it will them move to "Handled Formal Complaints" and a popup will appear where you can edit the report.

Disciplinary Action Reports

You can create a report by clicking "New DAR"
Clicking "Edit" on a particular DAR will open a page where you can update information on your investigation. You can edit who the complaint is against and the complainant's name by entering a new User ID. Under "Event Details / DAR Progress" there is certain information immediately inputted from the original complaint. You will notice when the DAR is opened and by who, the complaint info and provided evidence.
When you retrieve evidence click "New" under the Report Start Date and you can begin inputting different pieces of information. You can also delete evidence with the garbage can.
Continuing on down you can select policy violations, by clicking on the box and a drop down will appear. You can select multiple violations and as well as delete them by the little "x" on the left.
At the end of your investigation you can select the type of DA issued and input your synopsis. A synopsis is a brief explanation of what happened and what led to the decision of your DA. You can also edit the investigation end date, investigating parties, and the DAR Status. Once all of that is filed you can finalize your DAR by clicking "Issue DA / File DAR." You can also "Revoke DA / Open DAR" which will pull the DA back. If you edit anything after issuing the DAR it will not appear in the system properly unless you revoke is and then issue DA again, it will not submit twice.
Every keystroke is automatically updated into the database therefore multiple members can be working on a particular DAR at once. However, when working on a similar text box the system has the tendency to pull a singular person's input over the others.
You can put sensitive information into this form as the only information shared with the person of interest is the DA type, investigating users, its ID, and the violations.
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