Internal Roster
Viewable to whom has "Private Access"

Managing The Roster

The Internal Roster is your way to manage the rosters and move people around and also input users onto the roster.
Firstly by selecting the department will pull up that roster. You can see the different groups of people sorted out by your ranks.
Click "New Row" in order to create a new roster spot, they are sorted chronologically (When you create that row). You input a user by inputting their User ID and then certain info will populate. You can edit the unit numbers, ranks and status. However, in order for that status to stick you are required to click "Status Lock" otherwise it will change the next time the roster updates statuses. "Req Exempt" is a way to exempt a member from their requirements and will automatically mark them Active.
Clicking delete on that row will remove that user's unit number and rank, marking them un-ranked.
System permission levels are not changed based on where you place a member on this sheet.
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