Member Settings
Viewable to whom has "Private Access"

Managing Existing Members

You are able to see each and every member that is in the system regardless of their status. "Deactivate" will make a user's account unable to log in. It will also boot them out of the system and to the log in screen. You can see basic information at a glance but clicking "Edit" will bring up a mass amount of editable information.
You can edit their Name, User ID, Department Number (Unit Number), Department, Permission Level, Image, etc. Private Access is major here because this is what will allow them to see that entire section. regardless if they have the permission level, if they don't have Private Access they won't be able to see the pages.
Reserve Departments are the only way to place someone onto the reserve section on the rosters.
Reset password will send that member an email similar to the original account registration email.

Creating a User

To create a user you will need to click the "Create User" button, and fill out the applicable information, most of this information will be able to be changed afterwards, except the email.
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