System Settings
Viewable to whom has "Private Access"

Department Management

The top right group displays your departments, each department has the ability to have a customized icon, name, and short hand. It also displays the current member counts and a popup to edit all of that information. When you have ranks created you can assign them to a department, this is required to assign a rank to a member of that particular department. You also need to make sure the "Assignable" box is check in order for the department to appear in certain lists.
The Unit Number Short Hand is utilized in assisting in assigning different unit numbers to members.

Rank Management

The group directly below is the rank management. Similar to the departments you can see all of the information and then some. The sort number is how the ranks are grouped and appear in different lists around the system, they are sorted by zero (0) being the highest.

Page Management

This section allows you to manage the titles, icons, sort numbers, etc. The check box labeled "Public Section" is how you determine if a page will show up in the public group or private group. The access levels are very important, these determine what group of people have the ability to see and access this page.
Access levels are extremely important to keep under control, otherwise if you give Member Access to System Settings any member can mange the entire system.
Also, you must select the access levels for the higher ranks as well, otherwise only one group will be able to access the page.

Links, Rules, and Constants

The links sections allows you to create new links and edit existing links which appear on the Dashboard. Rules are the same concept and they are utilizing in the Disciplinary page.


Page Header Title: changes the title on the tab of each page.
PAL Start Date: date which logs are counted after.
Hour and Log Requirement: Allows you to change the activity requirements.


Certifications/qualifications/subdivisions are all managed right here. Clicking "New Cert" creates a certification and allows you to manipulate its data.
Constant Settings
Certifications: Selecting the department is also vital because each certification may only be used for a single department.
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